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To be surrounded by plants and trees is an absolute matter of bliss and joy. For this purpose, many people look forward to generating greenery at their place. Green Roof is a great option to maximize vegetation in case you don’t have sufficient space to create a garden or a lawn. It is more or less similar to terrace gardening, but there are some mandatory cautions which you must follow if you’re thinking to transform your roof into a green roof. …

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Who isn’t fascinated by the lush green forest cover around, wherein several birds are chirping melodiously all day, an area which is deeply rich in biodiversity and has successfully provided habitat to thousands of plants and animals and maybe even more! I believe such a beautiful sight will catch the eye of every person but none of us steps forward to contribute even a bit in creating a massive forested area, probably because, this requires a huge deal of your time, efforts, and money too.

Here’s to your wonder, you can create a forest on your own within the time…

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As an intimate admirer of nature, plants, trees, shrubs, climbers and vines have never missed a chance to fascinate me. Although, all sorts of plants provide a soothing sensation to both eyes and mind, yet vines and climbers possess some specific characteristics which distinguish them from other plants, hence making them unique and wonderful. These can climb up the walls, spread over the trellis, or cover up the railings of the stairs, thereby making them appear lush green and sometimes colorful too (if the climbers and vines belong to the flowering category). …

Parth Mayn

Terrace Gardener🌱 Blogger✍🏻 Deeply obliged to mother Earth, a plant influencer and a nature lover.

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